Prices & Order

I have set up a detailed price list so that everyone can calculate the budget they want to devote to their saber.

For a practitioner, the main thing is a custom blade (length, curvature, weight, balance) and good mounts, able to withstand intensive practice. Such a sword can be obtained from 2300 euros.

Then depending on the budget, the practitioner or the collector can obtain a sword with more neat finishes with more fanciful details.


The formular is a specification sheet for the establishment of an estimate and does not constitute a purchase order

This formular allows you to have an idea of ​​the budget required before contacting me, but in any case I will give you a detailed estimate. My 20 years of experience in making Japanese swords will allow me to best advise you according to your desires and your practice.


In any case do not hesitate to contact me by email.


Warning ! 

The prices detailed below correspond to sword with modern steel blade.

For traditional blade made with tamahagane the price of the blade is 40 euros/cm of nagasa

And the polishing work's price is 20 euros/cm of nagasa.

All other part's price  of the sword’s are the same.


For a single blade (forged and hardened) with or without polishing, please contact me.


Your sword, step by step

1) The Blade

In any case the blade will be hand forged and clay quenched

Without grooves : 600 euros
With grooves : 900 euros

2) The polishin work

Polishing determines the aesthetic appearance of the blade, but has no impact on these technical characteristics.

Practical polishing : 450 euros
Neat polishing : 750 euros

Non conform pictures

correct picture coming soon

3) The Habaki

Copper habaki : 210 euros
Plain silver habaki : 280 euros
On a copper or silver base, optional engravings :
Single groove : +20 euros
Gold platted 30 nm : +80 euros
Double grooves : +30 euros
 Falling rain carving : +80 euros

4) The Tsuka

Regular quality samekawa (ray skin)  : 200 euros
High quality samekawa : 300 euros
Black iron fuchi & kashira : 90 euros
Black horn kashira : 20 euros 
Menuki (click on the picture)
Tsuba (click on the picture)

6) The Saya

One color lacquering : 510 euros   /   Two colors lacquering : 550 euros

Click on the picture for see examples


Anti wear reinforcement: 80 euros

This involves inserting a piece of buffalo horn into the barrel on the Ha side. This device makes it possible to strengthen the sheath when the tip of the blade rubs the sheath during unintentional rough draws or sheaths.

Anti-burst reinforcement: 80 euros

It is here, to wrap the entrance of the sheath with a piece of samekawa which will be invisible after lacquering. This device will prevent the sheath from bursting in the case of unsheathed in torsion which occurs especially if the Ha side (sharp) has been worn out prematurely.

Both kinds of reinforcements : 150 euros

Scabbards aesthetics options

 1/3 ringed scabbard : 200 euros

Full ringed scabbards : 600 euros

 1/3 wrap with samekawa : 350 euros

Full wrap with samekawa : 800 euros

2 colors lacquering  : + 100 euros

Special lacquering : on demand

This price list is not exhaustive, in any case for any order please contact me by email.

All my swords are shipped with a brocade cover and a rigid suitcase.

For all order a 30% deposit is required 

All my pieces are to be received at the workshop.

Shipping and associated risks are the responsibility of the buyer.

All buyers will be kept informed of my General Sale Conditions, visible by clicking on the button at the end of the page.

Manufacturing & delivery time
As an art craftsman, I pay particular attention to the quality of my creations. In this sense, my annual production is limited by my production capacity according to demanding specifications. The swords, knives and other objects coming out of my workshop are made individually and for their manufacture time, the more my order book is loaded the more time it take. Currently my average delivery time is 12 to 14 months. For some specifications this time may double.