A beautiful sword is not the work of only one man. I am working with some others skillful craftsmen. I am happy to introduce them in this page.

Roman Urban
Tosogu Maker

Roman is a very skillful Tosogu maker. Each time I order a work of him I am impatient to look at the result. 

Mali Irie

Mali is a great metal carver. She won the second price at the NBTHK competition in 2013

Martin Hornak
Sword polisher

Martin is a very sensitive sword polisher. He tries to understand the work of the swordsmith before choosing the right way to polish the blade. This is a very precious quality for the bladesmith who gave him one of his works.

Arkadiusz Kułtucki

Arek makes tsuba for me. Most of my swords with modern steel blade are fitted with Arek's iron tsuba.


Gilles Victors

One of the best Knife maker in France (and soon in the world !!) and my first blade friend.